Technical Data

Here we have huge amount of general help and assistance on various different processes. For specific product information simply follow these steps.

  1. Enter a product into our product search bar at the top right of the page eg For Murex Bostrand LW1 MIG Welding Wire enter "wire"  or "Murex".
  2. Next you need to locate your product from the list and click on it.
  3. Any technical information will be on the product page for you to view by clicking on the link which will then open up in a new window.

Below are links to guides on different subjects that we hope you find useful.

MIG Welding Process Guide                                       TIG Welding Process Guide

MMA Welding Process Guide                                          Cored MIG Process Guide

Oxy/Fuel Gas Welding Guide                                   Oxy/Fuel Gas Cutting Guide

The Safe Use Of Oxy/Fuel Guide Book

Upol Guide