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Zingalu Cold Galvanizing Aerosol Silver 500ml

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Zingalu Cold Galvanizing Aerosol Silver 500ml

Zingalu is a revolutionary product for the long term protection of metals from corrosion. It offers all of the benefits of Hot Dip Galvanizing without some of it's limitations. Features include....

  • Quick drying
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for repairing Galvanised due to appearance
  • Can be overcoated with most topcoats
  • Weldable with Mig or MMA process (click here for info)
  • Highly resistant to mechanical abrasion
  • Certified for use with potable water (BS 6290 2000)
  • Certified as non-flammable (BS476 parts 6 & 7 : fire propogation and surface spread of flame)
  • NORSOK standard M-501 Revision 5 approved
  • Approved by London Underground
  • Able to be applied on top of exisiting galvanising, existing or damaged Zinc thermal spray or a previously applied layer of Zinga.
  • More than double the service life when used as part of a 2 stage system eg overcoated with powder or 2K paint products (click here for sample system)
  • Able to be applied to damp surfaces in up to 90% relative humidity
  • Able to be applied in extreme temperatures from -15 degress celcius to plus 40 degrees celcius
  • Longer protection than hot-dip galvanizing applied to the same thickness
  • On site application by brush, spray, Aerosol or dip methods
  • Excellent adhesion over Grit Blasted steel
  • Extreme flexibility : It will not crack or delaminate

Colours available : Silver Galvanised Appearance
Product Weight : 0.50kg

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Reviewer: AndyT from Petworth, Sussex   5 Stars
This really is good stuff. I had never used this before and had only used cheaper (half this price) aerosols of zinc primer. I wanted to repair the galvanising coating on a box camping trailer that was otherwise near new, but which had been damaged with chemical toilet fluids. So I searched online for what seemed the best product out there. Preparation is king - I did not have shot blasting equipment as the manufactures suggest so I used flap wheels. It sprayed on easily with good coverage. However, after it had dried the coating remains soft. Even after 24hrs I could scrap it off with my finger nail if I tried. Getting worried at this point. So I left the trailer looking good but worried about if the galv coating would last the trailers next use. Thankfully zingalu keeps on hardening - damp and wet don't worry it. Now some weeks later the coating is as hard as nails, no doubt as hard as the manufactures data sheet said which I read before purchase. No sign of rust and surface finish is good and matching the rest of the trailer. So do allow a long time for the coating to harden before subjecting it to any abrasion. Then it is the best out there. Even with this problem and high price I still give it 5* as it has now survived the winter outside and still going well. Note they do a version with a small amount of aluminium flakes in which gives a brighter surface finish - this is the one I used to match my existing bright electro galvanised trailer.